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Welcome to the High Temperature Sensor Configurator. Please select one option from each of the boxes below. Some options may change based on your selections, if so, please select a valid option in each. Once ready, you can complete the form at the bottom of this page to submit your custom configuration for a quote.

Sensing Distance
Sensor Diameter
Temp (Celcius)
Cable Material

Based on your selection above, This would be the part you are looking for:



    • Sensing Distance: The distance (in mm) between the sensor and target.
    • Shielding: Shielded sensors have a sensing field with no lateral effect and are capable of being flush-mounted in metal.
    • Diameter: The physical diameter of the sensor.
    • Short Housing: This is the physical length of the sensor. Options are standard or short-based sensor
    • Temperature: The max operating temperature of the sensor in degrees Celcius. Sensors over 180 Degrees can be fitted with an external inline amplifier.
    • External Amplifier: Sensors at 200°C or higher require and external inline amplifier. At 180°C you can choose to include an external amplifier. All other sensors have built in amplifiers.
    • Cable Housing: Select the type of cable housing from either Teflon or Silicone. Higher temp sensors will require a Teflon cable.
    • Cable Length: All Sensors come with a 2 meter cable. If another length is needed, please add a note in the comments.
    • Output Type: Choose from PNP or NPN output with a Normally Open or Normally Closed Contact.

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